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On this page you can see some of the services that I can provide. If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact me.



I work to individual client specifications, developing my ideas through drawings and photographs and using a diverse range of materials in a creative and innovative way. Projects range from designing and constructing individual nursery toys such as a Noah’s Ark or rocking horse, or replica houses from different historical periods. Some of my previous work has included the design and construction of Georgian and Victorian houses, cottages, London Town Houses, pubs and a clock tower with a working clock inside! My latest commission involved working with a child to design and create a medieval castle. It stood on a hill surrounded by a moat with a fully working portcullis, drawbridge and a gloomy dungeon! It was great fun to make and I enjoyed the challenge.

Additionally, if you’re finding it hard or have limited time I can also assemble a basic kit house for you, adding any extra details to suit your specifications.

All of my products are safe and suitable for children and collectors when built.



For that extra room I can extend your existing dolls house, building an attic or a basement sympathetic to the style of the house. I am also able to develop the exterior by adding a beautiful glass conservatory or a front garden with a pretty wooden fence.

Restoration and Repair


Should your dolls house or old nursery toy need some extra attention I can offer basic repairs or a full restoration service. I use my knowledge of authentic methods and craftsmanship to lovingly restore items to be cherished again, ready for the next generation to play with or admire.

Decoration and Electrification


I am able to design and develop the interior of your dolls house to meet individual specifications making it as basic or grand as you choose. For example, I have developed a gothic theme in a bathroom and a fantasy fairy wonderland in a nursery. I have also added elaborate period features; these have included ceiling roses, cherubs, Corinthian columns, fireplaces and plaster details on ceilings and doors. I am able to install and electrify the lighting of your choice, adding a magnificent glass chandelier for the centre piece of your dining room. Whilst completing my most recent commission, a medieval castle, I designed individual rooms in the main turret. Creating a medieval style master bedroom with a wooden beamed ceiling, oak flooring and sky-at-night walls with hand painted gold stars.  

Display Tables


I make display tables to match the individual style of your dolls house. These enable my houses to be at an accessible height for children to play easily. The whole house and table then becomes a finished creation. 

Dolls House Façade Cabinets


I create individual and unique functional storage units with dolls house exteriors. For example, one of my first commissions was a bathroom cabinet with a dolls house façade, the windows became mirrors! Other projects have included a drinks cabinet with a polished mahogany finish. It was an elegant functional dolls house with a twist, a great centrepiece for a room. The possibilities are endless, my cabinets make exciting storage alternatives for children’s bedrooms or elsewhere around the house.  



My work is individually priced based on each commission. For further enquiries contact me

About Me


My initial interest and enthusiasm for dolls houses and miniatures developed through my work with a professional cabinet maker. During this time I was taught everything I know in the practical craft of doll-housing and also the rarer art of seeing, developing a sharp eye for architectural proportions that work on miniature scale.

My education has been devoted to art and model making. I have a degree in fine art sculpture and an MA from the Royal College of Art. Since my MA I have been self employed, working freelance and have explored a variety of fields. These include prop making, dolls house design and construction, antique restoration and interior design and decorating. Through these jobs I have developed a number of different skills and used a wide range of materials and tools. My workshop is my second home!

I have supplied two dolls house shops; The Singing Tree in London and the contagiously enthusiastic Kristin Baybars (her shop in Gospel Oak, London is a must for dolls house enthusiasts!)

I just love being enticed into the magical world of miniatures.




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