About me


My initial interest and enthusiasm for dolls houses and miniatures developed through my work with a professional cabinet maker. During this time I was taught everything I know in the practical craft of doll-housing and also the rarer art of seeing, developing a sharp eye for architectural proportions that work on miniature scale.

My education has been devoted to art and model making. I have a degree in fine art sculpture and an MA from the Royal College of Art. Since my MA I have been self employed, working freelance and have explored a variety of fields. These include prop making, dolls house design and construction, antique restoration and interior design and decorating. Through these jobs I have developed a number of different skills and used a wide range of materials and tools. My workshop is my second home!

I have supplied two dolls house shops; The Singing Tree in London and the contagiously enthusiastic Kristin Baybars (her shop in Gospel Oak, London is a must for dolls house enthusiasts!)

I just love being enticed into the magical world of miniatures.